Doing Things by Yourself

It’s hard. I like to start a million projects then never finish them – and I know for a fact I’m not in a club of my own. Don’t lie to yourself.

Doing things for yourself is usually far easier – for introverts particularly – but you don’t need to rely on anyone else, less planning is involved, you’re always with yourself so you can always think about it and understand it better. Although you are always taught that working in groups is more beneficial – you’ll get more done, it’s not always the truth.

Often times talking to people takes up a lot of time. Dictating what’s going on in your head is difficult, let alone re-explaining because people don’t understand. As a usually insanely organised human I plan pretty well – but planning for more than that becomes difficult. Someone has football or swimming or choir practice or has to take their grandma to the hairdresser – everyone always seems to be busy. When you’re by yourself, you only plan for yourself.

The major thing for me is people always let you down. They’ll say for two weeks they’re coming over, then bail one hour before. Hits you like puberty hit Gerard Way. Say you and your biology partner had an assignment, they promised to finish the part on mitochondria, but they show up on assessment day without anything done. If you’re that person, please don’t. Your Xbox can wait, I promise. But you’ll finish biology class and you can call another friend or watch a film by yourself – this stuff all passes. It just kinda sucks when it’s there.

Everyone always hears those tragic stories about the groom leaving the bride at the alter. That would again hit you like puberty hit Gerard Way, then probably throw you off a cliff set aflame into a sea of piranhas for good measure. Same with a big project – making a collaborative channel on YouTube, only to find out the other person has chickened out, or starting a band and going full force, only to find out the other person is kinda meh, or just isn’t on the same page. This is more 2004 Gerard Way now.

But hey – you always have yourself, you can’t get away from yourself, as much as that sucks sometimes, but it’s pretty cool. You’ve kinda got to realise you can always rely on yourself – people will let you down, people will bug you and you’ll want to sit in a cave for the rest of your life watching Sherlock, but you can always be productive by yourself.


Being Angry

I say it’s a waste of energy – and yeah, that’s truthful for the most part. I say this because it’s not constructive, the only thing anger will dissolve into is sadness or aggression or something else that won’t help your life, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

Of course there are things in your life that’ll get you annoyed – your favourite TV show being pushed back an hour, losing your keys, forgetting to charge your laptop, but these are really just mundane things. These things shouldn’t make you angry. What makes you angry, really, is often something bigger than that – that has an impact on you for more than a day. Forgetting your plane tickets, not having money to pay for rent, a friend betraying you. These things have more reason for anger.

Trying to not be angry is the second part. It’s hard – you’ll want to scream and cry and throw things at the wall. After that you may want to sob while listening to Ed Sheeran and eating Soy ice-cream (I don’t judge, we’ve all been there). It’s just a really difficult emotion. Everyone has seen those films were the boyfriend breaks up with the girl and she cries and eats ice-cream etc. etc., but she gets over it. That’s what needs to happen.

People Suck Sometimes

It seems dreadfully obvious, and very tumblr. However, you do not realise this until it hits you right in the face – often in the form of words, as it seems.

To be completely blunt – it sucks. It makes you angry, you’ll be upset for a while, but you begin to realise that a lot is lifted of your chest. What is worst, however, is the fact you thought you could trust them. You may still, but it’s different now. You don’t want to tell them about the great new song you heard, or the pun you made up, or how your dog was being annoying last night. You simply interact because you have to. That’s the worst part.

The real problem is when you try your best to salvage everything you had, but the other person refuses. Whether they don’t listen to what you have to say, don’t apologise, or simply throw it in your face that they have a new person, whether it be best friend or boyfriend or whoever.

It’s really upsetting, but in times like this all the other people you know really show their true colours – are they weak, loyal, ready to listen. Often times people run away from stuff like this, or just ignore it all together. That’s easy. What’s hard is being the bigger person – something I have tried, although it seems that some people won’t have any part of that.

So if someone is annoyed at you, you’re annoyed at them, you’ve had a disagreement – ask yourself this. Should I apologise? Often times you should, however after three times, it’s their problem.

Liking Things

Liking things is part of being human, to phrase it like an 80’s song. Liking things is important in keeping out of a dark place and keeping you reasonably sane (I understand how stressful being a fan of something is). Although everyone has the whole, ‘everyone is an individual and can do what they want’ mindset, but let’s be honest, majority of people are complete and utter hypocrites.

Basically – I can’t start a revolution. I know that (yes, thanks very much government and belittling school mates). Even though I have a very small voice in a large community, I want to say this: DO NOT EVER LOOK DOWN UPON SOMEONE BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY LIKE. Who gives if they like electronica or collecting horse figurines. It may be the only thing keeping them alive – always remember that, even if it’s not, just keep it in mind.

I get looked down upon a lot because I don’t like popular music, and that’s a choice I make – I’m not interested in listening to music I don’t like simply because the majority of people like. I don’t wear dresses ever, unless the situation absolutely calls for it. Some girls (and potentially boys) love wearing dresses – I do not. That is nothing to them or me, it is simply a preference.

So let people collect old San Pellegrino bottles or listen to Swedish Heavy Metal. Let people enjoy the things they enjoy, and enjoy the things you enjoy. Enjoy a lot.


Rather wide topic, with a rather wide number of people.

Ignorance, in many people’s opinion, is why wars start. Many of the girls at my school say incredibly offensive things on the sole reason that they are ignorant. Why? Their parents think the news is too violent, too graphic, too grown up. These people have grown up in a sheltered life and then be thrown into the big bad world. Sure, their parents might be going on the whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ crap, but how long will that last? That’s not good for anyone. Uneducated people just won’t help the world in the state it’s in right now. For example – I’ve had to explain who Martin Luther King Jr is, Anne Frank, World War I, Ukraine, the Middle East situation, what Nazis were actually doing… etc. Shouldn’t we, as the generation with the greatest and most extensive knowledge, not to mention the easiest access to it all, know this stuff? Or in the least, know a few of the most famous moments in history?

And no, ignorance isn’t bliss. I have heard the most offensive terms been thrown around simply because people didn’t know what they were saying. One day, that’s going to get them into more trouble than me face-planting and looking incredibly sad about humanity. Basically – if you don’t know something, don’t say anything about it. Sure, ask a question as to what it is, or better yet – google it, to save possible embarrassment.

YouTube Fame?

This is mainly due to a hellstorm of propaganda surrounding Sam Pepper, however there are some influencing factors too.

Basically, there are billions of people who idolize celebrities, but YouTube fame has been on the upside. Now ‘popular’ Youtubers have around 3 million subscribers, and rising. I’m not going to generalize this and say ‘all YouTubers are untalented’ but a fair share of the ‘popular’ ones, really just talk to a camera. Yes, I understand they give some valuable advice sometimes or give tutorials or whatever, however there are musicians, far more talented, that have a far smaller audience.

So where does this adoration come from? Most of the most subscribed YouTubers are good-looking, lets be honest (although a fair share I don’t particularly like, they’re a pretty good generalized look for everyone). Good looks has helped a ton of people get anywhere – again not saying that they aren’t talented. But how far beyond good looks does it go? Some of these people have incidentally created this whole facade of living an amazing life in a beautiful flat or house with their friends going out every other day for lunch, and viewers just want that. They get thousands upon thousands of comments telling them how much they love them, and this is bound to enlarge their egos. A lot of popular YouTubers also simultaneously make themselves out to be pretty amazing people who are free of any wrongdoing – and sure, some of them do pretty good stuff (donating to charities etc.) Much to everyone’s surprise, however, they are still humans who make mistakes. From what I’ve noticed, it’s ranged from not uploading a video on time, to assault, but it still seems to be okay with some people.

Sam Pepper. He’s inappropriately touched women, and called it a prank. Sexual assault of any kind shouldn’t be called a joke. Things like this shouldn’t be uploaded to any internet platform. Someone with as large an audience as Sam Pepper shouldn’t be doing this especially.

There’s also a girl who told a story about Sam Pepper doing some obscene things to her. Viewer discretion is advised, however spread this out. People need to know this is happening, however awkward a topic it is. I know no one wants to talk about rape but it happens. Even so-called ‘celebrities’ or ‘YouTube stars’ aren’t the perfect people you once thought they were.

I don’t like to name and shame, but no one reads this, and it’s already been played up enough. Nash Grier has said some pretty horrific things, but hasn’t really acted on them like Sam Pepper has. Nash has said things like ‘Getting nervous when a Muslim is around’, which is so obscenely offensive I don’t want to start myself, and the horrific video I think everyone and their neighbor’s cat has seen about “What Guys Look for in Girls” which to this day continues to make me want to puke up blood.

Basically, think a little more closely before you tell some YouTuber, who may not see your comment, how perfect they are.


‘Emo’ – Not an Insult

Here comes a hellstorm of anger.

Say you come across Black Veil Brides, and don’t have a fully open mind, you may be shocked and slightly disturbed. Once you look deeper, however, you begin to realise they aren’t just costumes and makeup and hairspray – they’re lovely people who make great music and love what they do. So, simply because of their exterior, I’d say a large proportion of people would define them as ’emo’ or something ridiculous of the like.

A quick real dictionary definition. Emo is broadly used as an insult, as I have found. People sling it at other people as an insult, but the undertone is more or less ‘you’re depressed’ or ‘you’re wearing black’ or ‘you’re listening to rock music’, which is all perfectly fine – except being depressed. Get help if you’re depressed. The real definition of Emo is this: a style of rock music resembling punk but having more complex arrangements and lyrics that deal with more emotional subjects. Not so bad, huh? A trustworthy source, Urban Dictionary, states that: A group of white, mostly middle-class well-off kids who find imperfections in there life and create a ridiculous, depressing melodrama around each one. They often take anti-depressants, even though the majority don’t need them. They need to wake up and deal with life like everyone else instead of wallowing in their imaginary quagmire of torment. And: You have the fake, trendy, bullshit emo. These are the people that force themselves to be emo, try to dramatize their life, and think wearing black and cutting your wrists is emo. Although controversial, it gets my point out there. People who like ’emo’ music aren’t all wrist cutters.

So. Back to some other stuff. An influential band, and one of my favourites, My Chemical Romance are labelled as ’emo’ pretty often. Yes, if you’re like me and love them to death (May Death Never Stop You), you will have listened to their lyrics. And not just bopped your head a bit and sung along, you’ve really heard them. Granted some of the lyrics elude to certain things, but this doesn’t mean they are (or were) a band full of wrist-cutters. To clear things up – Gerard Way, lead singer and songwriter (in which he’s amazing at) and simultaneously a pretty fantastic comic book writer, does have a past littered with depression, alcoholism and drug abuse. Does this define him? No. He’s a brilliant person who has made mistakes, but soldiered on, and didn’t play the whole ‘tortured soul’ card as an artist.

So just remember next time as you think of the word emo, are you using it to insult or hurt someone? Or are you using it to describe a genre of music?