People Suck Sometimes

It seems dreadfully obvious, and very tumblr. However, you do not realise this until it hits you right in the face – often in the form of words, as it seems.

To be completely blunt – it sucks. It makes you angry, you’ll be upset for a while, but you begin to realise that a lot is lifted of your chest. What is worst, however, is the fact you thought you could trust them. You may still, but it’s different now. You don’t want to tell them about the great new song you heard, or the pun you made up, or how your dog was being annoying last night. You simply interact because you have to. That’s the worst part.

The real problem is when you try your best to salvage everything you had, but the other person refuses. Whether they don’t listen to what you have to say, don’t apologise, or simply throw it in your face that they have a new person, whether it be best friend or boyfriend or whoever.

It’s really upsetting, but in times like this all the other people you know really show their true colours – are they weak, loyal, ready to listen. Often times people run away from stuff like this, or just ignore it all together. That’s easy. What’s hard is being the bigger person – something I have tried, although it seems that some people won’t have any part of that.

So if someone is annoyed at you, you’re annoyed at them, you’ve had a disagreement – ask yourself this. Should I apologise? Often times you should, however after three times, it’s their problem.


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