Doing Things by Yourself

It’s hard. I like to start a million projects then never finish them – and I know for a fact I’m not in a club of my own. Don’t lie to yourself.

Doing things for yourself is usually far easier – for introverts particularly – but you don’t need to rely on anyone else, less planning is involved, you’re always with yourself so you can always think about it and understand it better. Although you are always taught that working in groups is more beneficial – you’ll get more done, it’s not always the truth.

Often times talking to people takes up a lot of time. Dictating what’s going on in your head is difficult, let alone re-explaining because people don’t understand. As a usually insanely organised human I plan pretty well – but planning for more than that becomes difficult. Someone has football or swimming or choir practice or has to take their grandma to the hairdresser – everyone always seems to be busy. When you’re by yourself, you only plan for yourself.

The major thing for me is people always let you down. They’ll say for two weeks they’re coming over, then bail one hour before. Hits you like puberty hit Gerard Way. Say you and your biology partner had an assignment, they promised to finish the part on mitochondria, but they show up on assessment day without anything done. If you’re that person, please don’t. Your Xbox can wait, I promise. But you’ll finish biology class and you can call another friend or watch a film by yourself – this stuff all passes. It just kinda sucks when it’s there.

Everyone always hears those tragic stories about the groom leaving the bride at the alter. That would again hit you like puberty hit Gerard Way, then probably throw you off a cliff set aflame into a sea of piranhas for good measure. Same with a big project – making a collaborative channel on YouTube, only to find out the other person has chickened out, or starting a band and going full force, only to find out the other person is kinda meh, or just isn’t on the same page. This is more 2004 Gerard Way now.

But hey – you always have yourself, you can’t get away from yourself, as much as that sucks sometimes, but it’s pretty cool. You’ve kinda got to realise you can always rely on yourself – people will let you down, people will bug you and you’ll want to sit in a cave for the rest of your life watching Sherlock, but you can always be productive by yourself.


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