Being Angry

I say it’s a waste of energy – and yeah, that’s truthful for the most part. I say this because it’s not constructive, the only thing anger will dissolve into is sadness or aggression or something else that won’t help your life, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

Of course there are things in your life that’ll get you annoyed – your favourite TV show being pushed back an hour, losing your keys, forgetting to charge your laptop, but these are really just mundane things. These things shouldn’t make you angry. What makes you angry, really, is often something bigger than that – that has an impact on you for more than a day. Forgetting your plane tickets, not having money to pay for rent, a friend betraying you. These things have more reason for anger.

Trying to not be angry is the second part. It’s hard – you’ll want to scream and cry and throw things at the wall. After that you may want to sob while listening to Ed Sheeran and eating Soy ice-cream (I don’t judge, we’ve all been there). It’s just a really difficult emotion. Everyone has seen those films were the boyfriend breaks up with the girl and she cries and eats ice-cream etc. etc., but she gets over it. That’s what needs to happen.


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