Liking Things

Liking things is part of being human, to phrase it like an 80’s song. Liking things is important in keeping out of a dark place and keeping you reasonably sane (I understand how stressful being a fan of something is). Although everyone has the whole, ‘everyone is an individual and can do what they want’ mindset, but let’s be honest, majority of people are complete and utter hypocrites.

Basically – I can’t start a revolution. I know that (yes, thanks very much government and belittling school mates). Even though I have a very small voice in a large community, I want to say this: DO NOT EVER LOOK DOWN UPON SOMEONE BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY LIKE. Who gives if they like electronica or collecting horse figurines. It may be the only thing keeping them alive – always remember that, even if it’s not, just keep it in mind.

I get looked down upon a lot because I don’t like popular music, and that’s a choice I make – I’m not interested in listening to music I don’t like simply because the majority of people like. I don’t wear dresses ever, unless the situation absolutely calls for it. Some girls (and potentially boys) love wearing dresses – I do not. That is nothing to them or me, it is simply a preference.

So let people collect old San Pellegrino bottles or listen to Swedish Heavy Metal. Let people enjoy the things they enjoy, and enjoy the things you enjoy. Enjoy a lot.


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