Rather wide topic, with a rather wide number of people.

Ignorance, in many people’s opinion, is why wars start. Many of the girls at my school say incredibly offensive things on the sole reason that they are ignorant. Why? Their parents think the news is too violent, too graphic, too grown up. These people have grown up in a sheltered life and then be thrown into the big bad world. Sure, their parents might be going on the whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ crap, but how long will that last? That’s not good for anyone. Uneducated people just won’t help the world in the state it’s in right now. For example – I’ve had to explain who Martin Luther King Jr is, Anne Frank, World War I, Ukraine, the Middle East situation, what Nazis were actually doing… etc. Shouldn’t we, as the generation with the greatest and most extensive knowledge, not to mention the easiest access to it all, know this stuff? Or in the least, know a few of the most famous moments in history?

And no, ignorance isn’t bliss. I have heard the most offensive terms been thrown around simply because people didn’t know what they were saying. One day, that’s going to get them into more trouble than me face-planting and looking incredibly sad about humanity. Basically – if you don’t know something, don’t say anything about it. Sure, ask a question as to what it is, or better yet – google it, to save possible embarrassment.


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