YouTube Fame?

This is mainly due to a hellstorm of propaganda surrounding Sam Pepper, however there are some influencing factors too.

Basically, there are billions of people who idolize celebrities, but YouTube fame has been on the upside. Now ‘popular’ Youtubers have around 3 million subscribers, and rising. I’m not going to generalize this and say ‘all YouTubers are untalented’ but a fair share of the ‘popular’ ones, really just talk to a camera. Yes, I understand they give some valuable advice sometimes or give tutorials or whatever, however there are musicians, far more talented, that have a far smaller audience.

So where does this adoration come from? Most of the most subscribed YouTubers are good-looking, lets be honest (although a fair share I don’t particularly like, they’re a pretty good generalized look for everyone). Good looks has helped a ton of people get anywhere – again not saying that they aren’t talented. But how far beyond good looks does it go? Some of these people have incidentally created this whole facade of living an amazing life in a beautiful flat or house with their friends going out every other day for lunch, and viewers just want that. They get thousands upon thousands of comments telling them how much they love them, and this is bound to enlarge their egos. A lot of popular YouTubers also simultaneously make themselves out to be pretty amazing people who are free of any wrongdoing – and sure, some of them do pretty good stuff (donating to charities etc.) Much to everyone’s surprise, however, they are still humans who make mistakes. From what I’ve noticed, it’s ranged from not uploading a video on time, to assault, but it still seems to be okay with some people.

Sam Pepper. He’s inappropriately touched women, and called it a prank. Sexual assault of any kind shouldn’t be called a joke. Things like this shouldn’t be uploaded to any internet platform. Someone with as large an audience as Sam Pepper shouldn’t be doing this especially.

There’s also a girl who told a story about Sam Pepper doing some obscene things to her. Viewer discretion is advised, however spread this out. People need to know this is happening, however awkward a topic it is. I know no one wants to talk about rape but it happens. Even so-called ‘celebrities’ or ‘YouTube stars’ aren’t the perfect people you once thought they were.

I don’t like to name and shame, but no one reads this, and it’s already been played up enough. Nash Grier has said some pretty horrific things, but hasn’t really acted on them like Sam Pepper has. Nash has said things like ‘Getting nervous when a Muslim is around’, which is so obscenely offensive I don’t want to start myself, and the horrific video I think everyone and their neighbor’s cat has seen about “What Guys Look for in Girls” which to this day continues to make me want to puke up blood.

Basically, think a little more closely before you tell some YouTuber, who may not see your comment, how perfect they are.



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