I know, everyone has done something about feminism, whether it be being Emma Watson and making a brilliant speech about it, or ignore it completely like a lot of people, or go against it, like some people who don’t seem to have any proper thought process. Given that was a little harsh, but hey, I need to make a point here.

I’m not going to rattle on for years about how we need it – because we do (not the royal we; an equal society)  – but simply because I’m sure you could think of a few reasons why already, or just search it up. If you are incapable of doing so, or are just completely encapsulated with my awful writing, I will list a few.

One: women are still living in fear, for good reason, of walking along the streets at night. Why? Because some sick bastard thinks it’s alright to objectify a woman simply because he couldn’t get one to do anything with consent. Some men are really charming, aren’t they? Two: Objectification. How many ads do you see with women used as props? Television shows or films with degrading women involved? The above statement, considering it happens all the time? It happens everywhere, and don’t being to argue that it doesn’t. Three: Equality. Massively (too massively) broad topic, and reaches the vast ends of the spectrum in this case. Equal pay, rights etc. are often re-occurring themes.

But listing reasons why wasn’t the point of this. This post was inspired by a blatantly objectifying show called The Bachelor. Stupid, I know, but people around me don’t seem to care a whole lot about how awful the nature of the show is. Basically, if you don’t know, a guy has about 12 or so girls, chooses between them, takes them all out on dates, and eliminates them each week. This whole, “I-am-letting-girls-fall-in-love (sometimes)-with-me-but-I-really-don’t-care” attitude really bugs me, for a few reasons. These girls, mislead they may be, are applying for a television show to find a so-called ‘true love’, just seems profane to me. Let’s be momentarily deep for a moment, and say this: if you’re going to find your ‘true love’ or ‘life partner’, I highly, highly doubt that you will find it with a guy who is coincidentally dating another 5+ girls, and also displayed on national TV. Considering my extreme introversion and social anxiety, this would simply be hell. However, to expect to find ‘true love’ on a national television show is just too small a chance to even bother to write down.

My main problem with this particular example is how objectifying it is. These women are held up in a house like cows ready for the slaughter, and the “lucky bachelor” just takes his pick as to who he goes out with, who he kisses, who he gets rid of, who he keeps etc. These women are being used simply as pawns in a massive production, in which no doubt the producers get paid more than they should. However, they may or may not be ignorant as to this blatant objectification, I really don’t know, although from what I’ve seen, most of them don’t.

That was getting controversial. Let’s take a quick step back. I will explain a few things. In no way am I saying they are unintelligent or not smart or ignorant or stupid or anything of that sort, I am simply eluding to the fact they may possibly be, since this kind of activity is not where our society should be. Although these women consciously choose (from what I understand) to go on this show and be used in this way and aired everywhere. From a very anxious introvert’s perspective – that is one big nope to start with.

Basically, what I’m getting at, in the least succinct way possible apparently, is that although we have a whole load of people fighting for feminism and women’s rights and the like – there is still a hell of a lot of the opposite going on. Stop and think for 5 seconds. I’m sure you could come up with a few.

And to all those people who say ‘women already have equal rights’, are either extremely ignorant or are in a worse position than Helen Keller (they can’t see, hear, smell, touch etc.). Agreed – women (mostly) have the right to vote, which is extremely important for a fully democratic ruling (obviously there still places without democracy, but that’s another post). Yes, there is a myriad of things we didn’t use to have, and yes, the suffragettes fought for a great cause and most of it worked, however there is still a long way to go. Will we get there? Don’t know, I do not possess the powers of Lydia Martin. Will women ever be completely equal to men? That is up to the future people of the future. Let’s hope they’re smart about it.



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