The Real Housewifes of – Wait.. What?

I reckon, whether you have pay TV or not, whether you have seen this show or not – you have heard of the Real Housewifes. Now – recently, an Australian addition – the Real Housewifes of Melbourne – was aired, and I must say, it’s atrocious. Not to say every other city edition of the series isn’t, but you get my drift.

To think some of the girls I unfortunately attend school with are going to be like this – let alone aspire to be this way just astounds me. If you look at them, all you say is fake, fake, fake. Fake face, fake body, fake life. Summed up, what happens is – they have this awesome husband and this fake facade then something goes wrong then the other women gossip then everything goes wrong then hey, someone shouts her some cheap plastic surgery then she’s happy and the cycle continues with another one. How I want to continue watching this show now astounds me – but I see it more of an educational experience.

What astounds me more than the actual fakeness of these people is their lifestyle. Not just extravagent and exessive – but also incredibly risky. If someone sues their husband, or the husband dies – they’re kind of stuffed, so to say. They won’t have any qualifications, and in order to get them they need to attend uni or college – which costs a fair bit. Not to mention they cannot continue their exessive shopping sprees, every few hours. Oh, and the fake tans. I’m sure that would rack up a few grand a week.

So, in the end, why? Why are people already like this, and why would people aspire to be this way?

I thank reality TV for two things – giving me an insight into these peoples lives (however twisted and incorrect it may be – it may be something along those lines) and something to write about.       Please follow, and get your friends to also! Thank you so much,



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