4 Easy Steps to Not Caring about Back-Stabbers

Here are 4 easy steps to not caring about back-stabbers. Particularly those who talk behind your back.

1. Listen to it, if possible. Often, the rumour will be spread, and it’ll make it’s way to yours truly. If not, sometimes you can actually just hear them talking about it while your standing there. Yeah, those girls whom I’m not naming, I heard you. 

2. Walk away and leave it. Even if you don’t hear it straight from the source, apart from it potentially not being acurate, it’ll probably be passed back to the source. Yeah, people suck sometimes. However, if you do hear it from the source, and they see you, don’t give them a death glare, but look at them enough to let them know you know. The reaction is always amusing.

3. Do not spread a rumour about them back. It won’t get anyone anywhere, except yourself, probably in a deeper hole with them. Don’t stoop down to their level – that’s exactly where they want you. However, in Adele’s case, a best-selling song, but still, I reckon she’s smart enough to not respond. Plus, they’ll say something back, then nothing will work and everything will go pear-shaped.

4. Forget it. Something will happen tomorrow, maybe not to you but something gossip-y will happen. Not depressing you – but we all not it’s kinda true.

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