Wait, I have to graduate?

I know heaps of girls who clearly don’t understand that at some stage – you actually leave school. I know it’s a lot to handle, so I’ll let you have a breather.

These types are almost always the ‘too-cool’ or ‘popular’ ones. We all know them. All they really know how to do is be mean and go shopping. I know we all want to quote Taylor Swift at this point, but I am restraining myself. It may be they’re too scared of failing or not doing particularly well in school so they just don’t try at all – but as I have learnt, you can only get better if you try harder. To them, it’s ‘uncool’ and ‘nerdy’ to study or read, or anything to improve your scholastic skills. Yeah, you heard me right. I will again give you a breather. You may want to inquire about purchasing a asthmatic puffer at this point.

 I’m also going to talk about the other percentage – the ones who think your friends and/or parents will get you through life. *cough, cough* no, it doesn’t work that way. Of course, though, many children are under the incomprehensible impression that if you have a smart friend they will do all the homework for you. News flash – where will they be when the exams come around? Yeah – in their seats, acing the test. Sorry – but I must evilly cackle like Tom Hiddlestone now. Excuse me.

 Oh, and don’t let me forget about another percentage. The ones who are a little over-obsessed with boys, considering at this point they are quite, I quote from allmylovetonormajean.wordpress “boy-lessness”, I guess. This contributes to the fact they don’t do any actual work. To be honest, I’m not even sure why the need the extent of boyfriends they have – but that’s for another time.

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