Real friends or fake friends?

Honestly, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which is which. Often, fake friends come disguised as real friends, and it always hurts when they walk away or turn on you. And not to make your Monday any worse (trust me – if Monday had a face, I would punch it too), but it always happens.

Nicki Minaj (I know what you’re thinking – but just continue reading it’s actually meaningful) once said, ‘I’d rather an enemy then a friend who stabbed me in the back’ (or something along those lines, I actually couldn’t find the exact quote). I mean, it’s not to say that everyone is like this – they’re not. To be completely honest, I am not entirely sure how to put this, so I am going to be very ashamed at my grammar now – but here goes nothing. I’d rather more-people-who-weren’t-really-enemies-and-hated-my-guts-but-weren’t-my-friends-or-really-aquintances-either kinda thing. If that made sense, you’ve levelled up (its probably around level three by now). 

Knowing how I am (introverted, but extroverted enough to be really quite social) particularly with people, I only need a select few people. Having said that, it sounds really odd that us humans go ‘yes, no, no, yes, yes, no’ when it comes to friends. It literally sounds like the Hunger Games, just a hell of a lot shorter, less violent, minus the good/bad actors/acting, and very much underbudget. I am now going to stop because I have gone completely off topic.

Continuing on. Myself, I only really need a few friends – 6-9 tops. Otherwise, it can get slightly overwhelming and often, for me at least, hard to hold a good conversation. I am not one for small talk, I can tell you. This may be due to the fact I am quite introverted, or it may just be my personality, I know for a fact I cannot stand small-talk (if you know me, I start talking slightly Irish. I think it may scare people in a weird way, as Irish people aren’t that scary – and Irish accents are great… people are so weird)

But one of the worst things is not stubbing your toe, in which I know you may beg to differ as this is excruciating pain (i would say these traumatic experiences of toe-stubbing hurts more than a surgery I had on my arm), however finding out someone whom you trusted and believed was your friend suddenly ditches you or back-stabs you – it hurts, a lot. It’s one of those things that kind of ruins people too – sometimes it can be assumed all people are like this – cue the depressing music and crowds of people with mental disorders – then comes chaos (kinda quiet chaos, but still chaos).

Then a question is asked. Why? Why did that person or people (or persons, I’ve never understood why people say that – please explain in comments) actually decide, ‘nope, I am just going to emotionally hurt these people to a huge extent because I’m kinda bored now’. Well maybe we need a lesson in patience, and by ‘we’ I mean those fake friends, or ‘leeches’ as pop-culture has now defined them.

Having said that ‘leeches’ comment from pop-culture, I feel that now it has been addressed in pop-culture and spread throughout different mediums, people should be more aware of it and steer clear from it, but I guess with most people it goes in one ear and out the other. Sigh. I would too say steering clear from people who do it – but the whole point is it’s difficult to tell, most of the time.

huge thank you to all those people who have been reading – virtual hugs! If you can – please make a WordPress account so you can sign up and get email reminders of when new posts come out – info is on the sidebar labelled ‘FOLLOW FOR MADNESS UPDATES’. I guess it’s kinda clear, but just a friendly reminder. Also, comment if you wish and constructive critisism is always welcome. Also, I am a grammar nazi, but if I spell something or something is accidentally gramatically incorrect – please let me know and I will edit it ASAP.

Thanks everyone,



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