For starters, I want to put out a very obvious fact. I hate stereotypes, and to be honest, most times stereotypes are broken more than followed (much like many rules in English grammar, but I’ll talk about that later). For example, all girls I know don’t follow the football, or cricket. And if they do, its because of their brothers or fathers, and they aren’t really into it. So that’s the kind of ‘girl’ stereotype we have. I am not particularly annoyed that I don’t really fit into it (not going shopping every single weekend, obsessing over boys and fixing my hair every waking moment), but I don’t really feel we need a stereotype. Stupid society. I already have had a rant about society, and I plan another one since it gets on my nerve so much.

And why do we need a sort of rule system as to how we are meant to be? This is just beyond me. It’s like everyone expects lawyers to be really serious and uptight, but I know some who are far, far from that. Stupid stereotypes. Pretty much from birth, there is an unsaid set of rules about who you are, depending on where you sit on the social standing, who your parents are, or what gender you are. It seems like everytime I say something like ‘I can’t even believe Ronaldo didn’t get a yellow card last night against Espanyol…’ to my friends, I get shot a look of “what the actual hell did you just say?” from so called “normal girls”. High-five society, well done. Just ruined a girls life because she can’t speak freely about her love for football, and the hatred of players who deserve yellow cards and don’t get them.


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